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When the Easy DariCalcTM software was first conceptualized, it was John's and George's vision to create a tool to share with others that captured nearly sixty years of practical dairy knowledge and experience. Our primary vision was to make routine, everyday dairy mathematics easier to understand.

Easy DariCalcTM was developed to help managers organize their company’s formulations, to give them an easy tool to determine cost per formula, and most importantly to save them time by moving the work of balancing daily batch sheets from the production office to the production floor

Easy DariCalcTM uses basic mathematics, simultaneous equations, to build balanced formulas every time.

Easy DariCalcTM also offers something unique. Better control over small batches can be achieved by making use of the “water dilution” option. By using a water dilution factor, a fixed amount of water can be calculated into any size batch. This amount of water would equal the volume that would normally be incorporated during processing (usually the interface of product and water on both ends of the batch passing through the H.T.S.T.).

How is it done? A balanced formula is achieved each time by making the water interface a part of the batch being processed. By doing this, the water becomes a planned part of the formulation, and all the other ingredients will remain in their correct proportion.

By incorporating water in this manner, the operator has better control of the product and
can better control loss. All the H.T.S.T operator has to do is either time the total volume or measure volume with a
gauge or meter…it is as easy as pushing a button or turning a valve.

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